Home delivery ironing

Ironing service delivered. We pick up your clothes, iron them and in 48 hours we deliver them without wrinkles, on a hanger and in a protective cover.

Enjoy our ironing service

Mr Jeff will take care of picking up, ironing and delivering your clothes. Just relax and enjoy your free time.

home delivered ironing service

How it works?

  1. Place an order

    Select the items you want washed or ironed
  2. Whenever and wherever you want

    Choose a time and place for pick up and delivery
  3. Relax

    We do the laundry and you enjoy your time

Book Mr Jeff’s ironing services from the comfort of your own home by registering via the app or website. Provide your address and select a service. Choose a date and time for pick-up and delivery, and that’s it!
We iron your clothes while you enjoy your time!

mr jeff home delivery ironing service

Mr Jeff ironing bag

Our bags are 50 cm wide by 75 cm high with a 5 cm adhesive seal. You can include ironing only items or those for washing and ironing.

When you place an order for dry cleaning, our Jeff will bring the appropriate bag.

Mr Jeff home delivery ironing service

Tired of ironing your top, blouse or pants and always left with wrinkles? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. Leave the hassles of ironing with Mr Jeff, and enjoy your free time!

The results will surprise you!

ironing home delivered

Our ironing packs

ironing home delivered

Enjoy our ironing service and forget about wrinkled clothing!

Your clothes washed and ironed in 48 hours and with FREE home delivery service

Not interested in the delivery service?

If you prefer to wash your clothes yourself, you can also do it by coming to any of our Jeff Stores where you can pay in cash or card.

ironing home delivered

Mr Jeff, the app that washes your clothes for you

Download the Mr Jeff app and request the service you want. Your clean and ironed clothes delivered to your doorstep.

Laundry bags
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